About Us

Swanky Scarves, operating in Nevada, USA, is part of a London, England based business that has been in the fashion clothing and accessories trade for more than 30 years.  We are involved in the creation of our products and designs.  In keeping with our business spirit of supporting other independent enterprises, we source our scarves from individual artisans and suppliers with whom we work closely in fabric selection, design and quality. 

Our scarves and wraps combine aesthetics and practicality. Each piece brings diversity to your closet to add that extra something to your professional attire or your casual look that reflects your personality. Enjoy the luxurious feel of our scarves worn in various ways round the neck, draped over one shoulder or wrapped around both shoulders when there’s a chill in the air; artfully arranged around the waist to accessorize that LBD or maxi dress; and as a sarong over your swimwear at the beach or by the poolside. The small squares can be worn as bandanas and cravats, to tie back hair and – if the size fits – as a belt looped through your jeans or shorts.

Swanky Scarves are beautifully made.  Just for you. To fit the occasion.  To fit your lifestyle.